People today modify written language when texting for advantages or to help the other person better understand what they are texting. One of this advantages is too use emojis to help show what you are feeling in the conversation. For example this one 🙂   means that you are happy or excited and this one means […]

Jacob “hi” Alex “yo” Jacob “what’s up” Alex “nm hbu” Jacob “nm either wyd” Alex “going 2 skatepark soon” Jacob “oh ok nice, what tricks r u learning” Alex “just a few new ones hard to explain yeh?” jacob “ok gl bro” Alex “yea, ttyl?” Jacob “yup ttyl prob tmrw ok?” Alex “k, bye” Jacob […]

Elena”Rurika?” Rurika”umm, its good, its good” Elena”what did you do?” Rurika”uhh, this Saturday, ohh I hang out with Elise, Elena”what did you and Elise do?” Rurika”we hmmm, we just sit at the lake and talk’ Elena”did you have food because Elise-” “interrupted” Rurika”yeah we did!!” Elena”-always has food” Elena”ohh yeah I think she was in […]

“Phone rings” “yeh?”first person “aw, fanks for answering geezer! know what I mean?”second person “give me thad”third person “where you been fool?!”third person “making us rinze out our credits leaving you massages at night”third person “mr doors is well on the war path with you brevet”second person “because of the bag and that?”first person “wat […]


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