Imagine running across a field, then seeing your enemy, you focus your sights on him and fire. you see the rounds hit him and he falls to the ground. You win the game. Children play voilent games, they see it in movies and in video games. It is encouraged by friends, seen playing by parents, […]

I believe with hundred percent certainty that Pubg is better than fortnight. Like what kind of comparison is it?, a game like fortnight meant for kids compared to an amazing like Pubg, just doesn’t match up. Fortnight has a cartoon look and gameplay. But Pubg has a professional look and great gameplay with so many […]

Chicane J. A. Cooper 52 Grandview road Hawea Phone: Email: [email protected] I am a student at mount aspiring job looking to get a job after or at school right now in the surrounding or close towns. It would be great to get a job catered to my skills. I am currently at mount aspiring school […]

Dear mr/mrs Application letter When I heard about a position in your company I could not wait to apply for the job of programmer. My dad is a programmer and since I was little I have been obsessed with computers and games. At the time I did not know how to program but I learned. […]

Chicane Cooper Book review The book “FIREWALL” written by “Andy Mcnab” is about how an ex-SAS solider called nick who works for the intelligence service is in need of cash to pay an step daughter and debts. He decides to start to some criminal work to help stay above the water. He gets offered a […]

Technology has been changing at a rapid pace over the last hundred years and one of the most revolutionary invention was the text. The first text was sent in 1992 by Neil Papworth to an mobile phone. When this was development for more public use and open to the public everyone now started to use […]

Jacob “hi” Alex “yo” Jacob “what’s up” Alex “nm hbu“ Jacob “nm either wyd“ Alex “going 2 skatepark soon” Jacob “oh ok nice, what tricks r u learning” Alex “just a few new ones hard to explain yeh?” jacob “ok gl bro” Alex “yea, ttyl?” Jacob “yup ttyl prob tmrw ok?” Alex “k, bye” Jacob […]

Elena”Rurika?” Rurika”umm, its good, its good” Elena”what did you do?” Rurika”uhh, this Saturday, ohh I hang out with Elise, Elena”what did you and Elise do?” Rurika”we hmmm, we just sit at the lake and talk’ Elena”did you have food because Elise-“ “interrupted” Rurika”yeah we did!!” Elena”-always has food” Elena”ohh yeah I think she was in […]

“Phone rings” “yeh?”first person “aw, fanks for answering geezer! know what I mean?”second person “give me thad”third person “where you been fool?!”third person “making us rinze out our credits leaving you massages at night”third person “mr doors is well on the war path with you brevet”second person “because of the bag and that?”first person “wat […]