2nd November 2018

Most people don’t realise that there is benefits from gaming. Image this situation. All school, no video games, no console, no phones, no Pubg or fortnight and no escape from school. For Many Teenagers this would a harsh reality. People think that video games are a waste of time, but they have a lot of benefits.  There is discouragement from people about video games. It is a bad thought among parents about kids playing video games. 

 It can help develop problem-solving skills. In video games, there are many challenges that people face. An example is long-range snipe or in a 2d game building a bridge it requires you to think outside of the box. Like where to get the  resources. There is also other objectives and it helps deviloped this.

It makes you happy. Video Games commonly give kids emotion. It makes them happy, sad and tearful. When playing video games you become more social . A study has shown that playing 30mins of online games a day makes a big difference in a persons life. For example it can help faze anxiety, depression and become more social.

It increases you navigating skills and short term memory. In video games the player is always keeping track of the foes and friends. Figuring what buildings are safe, unsafe and where are the enemy. Having to figure out certain points to get hold off. It can help navigating a maze, building or at sports events understanding what is happening.

Better coordination. People who juggle start of looking at their hands. In video games, the players are just looking at the screen. Instead of looking at there hands they are thinking about how to get game points, what to do and where to go. It helps your hand coordination, so it is easier to learn juggling.

Video games make your more preserve.  In games there are have levels, it gets harder. You got to build up and defeat the bosses. Video games forces the player to keep trying. This helps people not give up when it gets hard.

They help you recognise patterns. In games they need to recognise patterns to figure out enemy locations. What the enemy looks like, how to attack and weak spots. A study has shown that gamers can see more shades of grey then non-gamers. This is due to them trying to find the shades of grey that the enemy Is in. This can help drive better at night.

Helps teamwork and cooperation. In video games, 70% of people will play with other people in teams or single. They learn to help there team members . It improves quick thinking, faster decisions and analyses of the situation. Having to understand what is happening in the situation. When they are attacking how to flank them. It helps these skills which is important for development

There are career options for gaming. its popularity is increasing, its been considered a sport and on a sports channel. There is a-lot of money to be won from gaming. For example two teenagers made a cool 7.6 billion dollars from a game tournament. It is the future and there are stadiums built for it. More universities are giving scholarships for gaming. Overall there is many benefits to gaming and to the mind.

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