25th May 2018

Application letter

Dear mr/mrs

Application letter

When I heard about a position in your company I could not wait to apply for the job of programmer. My dad is a programmer and since I was little I have been obsessed with computers and games. At the time I did not know how to program but I learned. I first started programming in year 9 with scratch and google sites. Then in year ten I learned html, css, javascript. In year 11 I learned more on javascript, html, css and learned python and pickaxe. In year 12 learned data tables and linking it to websites with php and now I am learning how to make animations and video editing. I have found that school has both fuelled and help me direct my passion and so has my farther. I can use a computer with ease and know the main languages of programming, I can write up websites with a link to many more and set up videos on them to, below is a link to a video I put up on one of my websites about my schools values. Even through the videos is abut hazy from moving it to a online website it shows my skills when making a video and a website.

My Video

One of my highest achievements in school was getting a excellence for a computing project. I had to program a code that runs a temperature detection system and LED system lighting. I then had to create the device with the wiring, battery, radio, LED, temperature equipment, antenna and which send code to a website. I had got a excellence for the project which was the highest score for the project and got to write an article for the news paper.

I have became interested in what you do when hearing about your advancements and development in your business from online sources. I have heard about the games and rise in the programming business in Christchurch. I would like to have the chance of applying for a job at your company. I believe that it would help further my and 

I am a hard worker, I can work for long periods of time and I am positive and truthful. I have been taught time management at school and how to work hard and efficiently. I believe I would be a valuable asset to your company and I am ready to work hard for my position in your company and hope to prove myself.

My referee is one of my couches from rugby, below is his name and contact details:

Luke Robbie   Phone: [email protected]   Mobile: 027 307 7137


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  1. Chicane,

    I’d encourage you to put the most important information up front – you’ve downplayed the making of websites as if they were a small thing, whereas they’re actually great evidence of your passion and interest in programming.

    Definitely make the references you have to your dad being a programmer, but I’d encourage you to place those further down your letter – lead instead with your own personal qualities and experiences – with concrete evidence. What website? Who for? How many websites?


  2. Chicane,

    You’ve done a good job of including clear statements about your suitability for the work you’re applying for as well as good detailed evidence of your experience and attitude.

    As a job application letter, with a few improvements in spelling and grammar, this would work nicely.

    As a Writing Folio piece, unfortunately it doesn’t demonstrate, yet, enough of a command of language. I encourage you to look again at the exemplar on the class website for the kinds of terms and expressions that might enhance your own application.

    I also want to ask again if you would be willing to work with a reader/writer?

    We can discuss this tomorrow.



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