19th October 2018

The Benefits of Gaming

In this article I am going to explain the benefits of video games. Image this situation. All school, no video games, no console, no phones, no Pubg or fortnight and no escape from school. Sorry teachers, that is unbearable. I would go crazy, it’s my get to when I am angry or sad. Everyone thinks that video games are a waste of time, but they actually have a lot of benefits.  First is why people don’t play video games. It is discouraged among parents because people believe it is a waste of time, that you shouldn’t play video games. But it is actually very good and there are many benefits. The first one is that they help develop problem-solving skills. In video games, there are many challenges. An example is long-range snipe or in a 2d game building a bridge. Getting resources, where to place it and many other objectives and it gives the brain a real workout and how to deal with it.It makes you happy. It is the main one and it would be crazy to think that it doesn’t give you emotions. It can make you cry, make you happy and it is just like watching those sad Netflix movies and series you always watch. You become more social team-work and it shows that playing 30mins of online games a day is actually good for you. It can help faze anxiety, depression and make you more social. So it will be easier doing this speech in front of this class. Get better at  navigating. When playing a game, you have to keep track of everyone’s movements, your team and the enemy team. Having to figure out where they are, certain buildings and important points to get hold off. Obliviously this can help you in real life. For example navigating school or organising all the homework and projects you have. Better coordination. People who juggle start of looking at their hands. But in video games, you are just looking at the screen and you are not even thinking about your hands are doing. Instead thinking about how to get game points, what to do and where to go. It helps your hand coordination, so it is easier to learn juggling. Video games make your more preserve.  In games you have levels and levels. You got to build up and how to defeat those bosses. Video games forces you to keep trying. This helps to make you persevere when you are facing challenges in real life. They help you recognise patterns. In games your need to recognise patterns to figure out enemy locations. What the enemy looks like, how to attack and weak spots. A study has shown that gamers can see more shades of grey then non-gamers. This is due to trying to find the shades of grey that the enemy Is in. This can help you actually drive better at night. Helps teamwork and cooperation. In video games, 70% that you play will be online. You will be working with other teams. You must cover your team, help them and achieve the main directive. It improves quick thinking, faster decisions and analyses of the situation. Having to understand what is happening in the situation. When they are attacking how to flank them. If you have a base how to defend it and attack. Considering the options and the most efficient way to attack them. You can make a career out of gaming. It’s a booming business, its a sport , on the sports channels. You can make a lot of money. Two teenagers made a cool 7.6 billion dollars from a game tournament. It is the future and there are stadiums built for it. You can also get scholarships for gaming in America. I have told you many of the benefits of gaming. Hopefully I have conferenced you that gaming has many as in your life and wellbeing.

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