Most people don’t realise that there is benefits from gaming. Image this situation. All school, no video games, no console, no phones, no Pubg or fortnight and no escape from school. For Many Teenagers this would a harsh reality. People think that video games are a waste of time, but they have a lot of […]

In this article I am going to explain the benefits of video games. Image this situation. All school, no video games, no console, no phones, no Pubg or fortnight and no escape from school. Sorry teachers, that is unbearable. I would go crazy, it’s my get to when I am angry or sad. Everyone thinks […]

Movie review 5 Fury The movie “Fury” is about an American tank crew in WW2(World War 2). It shows the horrors of the war as they move further and further into Germany. They encounter many Germans and battle their way until there tank tread Is destroyed. They fight until the end where the private escapes. […]

Jules Vern Book review 4 The book “20,000 Leagues under the Sea” by Jules Vern is about an amazing submarine called the Nautilus. There ship is struck by the submarine leaving a scientist, a servant and a harpooner on top of the Nautilus. They are brought down and became prisoners of the Nautilus and her […]

The Poem “Out of the Blue” is about the horrific events of Nine Eleven, where two planes hit the twin towers killing countless live’s and destroying the two buildings. The Poem is based on on unknown person who could be seen at the very top of the building, waving a white cloth with the flames […]

Digital Fortress Dan brown Book review 2 Introduction: Digital Fortress is a book written by the author Dan brown. It is about an organization called the NSA (National Security Agency) that monitoring and protecting the America. It use a multi-million dollar machine computer call the “TRANSLTR” that can decode an encrypted message in almost no […]

Ice station Matthew Reilly Book review 3 The Book “Ice station” is written by Matthew Reilly. It is about a secret French research station that sends out a distress signal.  A team of American soldiers are sent in to the station being led by the commander scarecrow. Upon arriving at the base, they meet a […]

Imagine running across a field, then seeing your enemy, you focus your sights on him and fire. you see the rounds hit him and he falls to the ground. You win the game. Children play voilent games, they see it in movies and in video games. It is encouraged by friends, seen playing by parents, […]

I believe with hundred percent certainty that Pubg is better than fortnight. Like what kind of comparison is it?, a game like fortnight meant for kids compared to an amazing like Pubg, just doesn’t match up. Fortnight has a cartoon look and gameplay. But Pubg has a professional look and great gameplay with so many […]

Chicane J. A. Cooper 52 Grandview road Hawea Phone: Email: [email protected] I am a student at mount aspiring job looking to get a job after or at school right now in the surrounding or close towns. It would be great to get a job catered to my skills. I am currently at mount aspiring school […]