11th June 2018


Chicane J. A. Cooper

52 Grandview road



Email: [email protected]

I am a student at mount aspiring job looking to get a job after or at school right now in the surrounding or close towns. It would be great to get a job catered to my skills.

I am currently at mount aspiring school in year 12, passed last year with achieved and planning to go through to year 13.  I am doing mechanics, English, Pathways, Art design, Computing and Geo. I plan to study computing and mechanics next year and in university if I get accepted. I am enthused to get a job that includes computing or my mechanical skills.

Some of my personal hobbies include, playing rugby in the cults, programming in my own time websites eg and working for a youth organisation could kuhu youth which helps young people have a voice and a say in what happens in our community.

I have had no work experience so far except for small jobs of stacking wood and labour job with my brother and friend. I had worked a small amount of time. I believe that I am suited to this job

I believe that

My achievements is getting the highest mark, excellence in computing for a programming and electronics. This part of the course I enjoyed, programming the a box to pick up temperature and sent it to a receiver and making the and wiring the device myself. I have taken a first aid course and passed with a certificate of first aid. I had thoroughly enjoyed doing the first aid and how to help people when in a emergency.

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