13th February 2018

Elena and Rurika


Rurika”umm, its good, its good”

Elena”what did you do?”

Rurika”uhh, this Saturday, ohh I hang out with Elise,

Elena”what did you and Elise do?”

Rurika”we hmmm, we just sit at the lake and talk’

Elena”did you have food because Elise-”


Rurika”yeah we did!!”

Elena”-always has food”

Elena”ohh yeah I think she was in your streaks”

together”ohh yeah yeah yeah”

Rurika”yeah she was, Elle, Leaner, they from Isc”

Elena”yeah yeah, what Ice cream did you get?”

Rurika”I had… ,(gibberish), I cant remember”

Elena”did you get vanilla? or just chocolate? I get carmel”


Elena”its great”


Elena”ah ah, don’t like blueberry ice cream”



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