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The movie “Fury” is about an American tank crew in WW2(World War 2). It shows the horrors of the war as they move further and further into Germany. They encounter many Germans and battle their way until there tank tread Is destroyed. They fight until the end where the private escapes.

A character that I found interesting was War Daddy, this was his nickname and we never get his real name. He was the commander of the Sherman tank “Fury”, he faces many mental challenges throughout the movie. At the start we can see that he is generally concerned about his men and “I promised my crew a long time ago that I would keep them alive”, this is a problem because he has a new crew member who has never seen war and he is trying to get him to kill. Because of this he does brutal things to get him to do it including making him shoot an unarmed German solider. I can relate this back to my life where in a rugby team you have to work as a team to win and not let anyone down. If you do it does not work and most likely going to fail. This is an import aspect of the rugby or any sport that you play.

These soldiers had to deal with loss, grief, bitterness and anger every day. It was shown with the Americans, mainly the civilians and a small amount from the German soldiers. where the Nazis are seen as the mechanical arms of Hitler, mercilessly killing anyone that stands in their way. We see this also when they were taking a village and asking a German where the soldiers where, he gets shot by the Germans and also when they started bombing the town with them in it and also the civilians. But we also got to see both sides of the story, with horrors accruing on both sides. For example we see the broken buildings, the almost zombie like citizens leaving the country and the death brought to them. We also see what the SS did to their own people, with them hanging children and man alike. But the Germans soldiers weren’t all bad. In the end we also saw the destruction done to the Germans, to their civilians, and their towns as the allies draw closer and closer to berlin. After the big battle at the end we see Norman at the bottom of the tank hiding, then a German solider looks under, he is a young child, instead of alerting the guards he says nothing and lets him go. This is a big surprise because throughout the movie the Germans where portrayed as evil. The enemy is not necessity heart less but defending what they love most of the time but war changes people when it comes to survival and we have all seen that happen in this movie.

The difficulties I found for War Daddy was trying to look calm in front of his men. At the start after they escape we see him head off between to trucks and complete lose it, with deep breathing, nausea and struggling to stand up. I believe this was after the death of there assistant driver who died. Upon meeting the new assistant driver, we see how War Daddy is in disbelief, because of how young and weak he looks. We can tell that he feels a responsibility towards his men ad when one of them dies he feels terrible and guilty. He says to the new assistant driver “Don’t get too close to anybody”. This shows us that he does not want to have his crew get to attached to him. In the war everyone dies around you and it is best not to get to attached.

If I were to change the title of this movie I would change it to M4. The reason why I choose to change it to this was because it relates to the tank and the problem being that the M4, even though they were good that where outmatched compared to the German tiger tanks, it took four of them to kill it and even then, they lost three of their own. It was a brutal time for the tank’s crews in ww2.

I would rate this move 10/10 because it is a great movie that is emotional and also shows how brutal and cruel the world war 2 was.

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