16th February 2018

Jacob and Alex talking

Jacob “hi”

Alex “yo”

Jacob “what’s up”

Alex “nm hbu

Jacob “nm either wyd

Alex “going 2 skatepark soon”

Jacob “oh ok nice, what tricks r u learning”

Alex “just a few new ones hard to explain yeh?”

jacob “ok gl bro”

Alex “yea, ttyl?”

Jacob “yup ttyl prob tmrw ok?”

Alex “k, bye”

Jacob “laters!”

Alex “night, probably wont talk tonight as going to sleep early aye?”

Jacob “yea bro it’s getting late”

Alex “ikr okay, catch up bowl!”

Jacob “yup ttyl

Alex “All good, cyaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Jacob “bye!”

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  1. This is perfect for our needs. Nice work.


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