19th February 2018

Modifying language essay

Technology has been changing at a rapid pace over the last hundred years and one of the most revolutionary invention was the text. The first text was sent in 1992 by Neil Papworth to an mobile phone. When this was development for more public use and open to the public everyone now started to use text as a form of communication and a way to talk to people without needing them to be their at that moment. because of this it became more efficient then calling on the phone because you could do it anytime.

People today modify written language when texting for advantages or to help the other person better understand what they are texting. One of this advantages is too use emojis to help show what you are feeling in the conversation. For example this one ๐Ÿ™‚ means that you are happy or excited and this one means ๐Ÿ™ that you are unhappy or sad, even through this emojis are basic they can help when talking. by using these emojis it makes it more easy to talk through text and less face to face. The advantage of talking face to face through is that you show more emotion then a simple smily face or a sad face when talking, because they are sometimes more complicated then that and cannot be displayed on a phone.

Another reason why people modify spoken language is to increase speed. The way they do this is by merging the words together like, for example “hbu” means “how about you” and “nm” means “not much”, by doing this is makes it makes the conversation more faster and effective for people texting. The disadvantages to this through is that sometimes a merged word has more then one meaning, for example “nm” can mean “never mind” or “not much” because of this their can be misinterpretations when texting that can give the wrong impression. The advantages through of this is the fact that it is fast and quick to type, enabling for a faster and more effective conversation.

As we develop our technology we can see changes in how we communicate and we are furthering ourselves more and more from written and spoken language. because of this we can see new apps that help us fill this gap of written and spoken language. For example not to long ago snapchat was invented, because of this people can now call, talk and face time without the cost. because of this it has furthered this advancement with people having social apps like twitter and instagram.

time. These advances in communication have changed how we write and talk to each other. People start to view this new form of talking and writing as being wrong or being illiterate because it is different or

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  1. This is a good start Chicane. What you need to do now is start to consider the relationship between these paralinguistic devices in your text conversation and the way that we speak to each other. The idea and eventually will be that you can explore how both text forms, the written and the spoken, influence each other.

  2. This is developing well, Chicane. I’m impressed with the way you’re able to organise the observations you’re making and the evidence so clearly in each paragraph. You’re developing a very strong analysis. We’ll want to discuss the conclusion before you write it so you can be sure to make some more nuanced observations about the implications of everything you’ve explained.

    Call me over to discuss this when you’re ready.


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