9th August 2018

Pubg vs Fortnite

I believe with hundred percent certainty that Pubg is better than fortnight. Like what kind of comparison is it?, a game like fortnight meant for kids compared to an amazing like Pubg, just doesn’t match up. Fortnight has a cartoon look and gameplay. But Pubg has a professional look and great gameplay with so many more features, it is too easy of a choice which one it is much better.

I have played fortnight before, but it lacked the intensity that was in pubg. People would just build and snipe. This was a disappointment because of how people where talking about it, how it was a great game. When playing pubg, it was so much more heart pounding. I found that when the match progress’s it forces players to become more aggressive and more violent. When nearing the end my mind race’s, I sweat, I feel like I am actually in the game. Because of this I become more alert. Nearing the end I got hit from behind in a building from a player and jumped in horror. The whole experience is so much more exciting and gives me a buzz that fortnight could not provide.

Another feature that Pubg has over fortnight is its game physics. In fortnight you can built huge structures out of thin air, and destroy whole buildings wiht a pic axe, this doesn’t happen in Pubg. In Pubg a-lot of the weapons are accurate compared to the actual weapon. Its recoil, reloading time, attachments, and also its bullet drop and sights. This allows for more of a challenging time, meaning that a low level player cannot overpower with one of the best weapons like in fortnight. But in fortnight the weapon has a tier or colour system, this doesn’t allow for a player to personalising a gun and also allows for lower level players to become dominate over higher level players. Another thing I that is annoying is the inability to customise yourself in the game, you are forced to wear what that want, what other people have. In Pubg you can customise yourself anyway you want without having to buy or be put into a certain pattern.

Even through Fortnight has more players, does not mean nothing when it comes to games. Like heaps of kids play Minecraft but you would not say it is better than halo and Far cry?, just because it has more player?. Even through Pubg has not as much as Fortnight, it makes up with its battle simulator gameplay and great graphics.

One thing that separates Pubg from Fortnight is its vehicles. It has a wide range of them, including cars, trucks and motorbike’s. This allows players not only to kill but also to do tricks and stunts in a mad max setting. Some of the most best and craziest battles happen with vehicle’s. I was once in a battle with a squad in two trucks, gunning and chasing another vehicle. Then without warning the other truck explodes and gunfire rakes the side of my truck. This give me a hell of a fright. I look to the side and smash into a tree. I am in low health and gun fire comes from every direction. I eventual get gunned down and I hide hoping that the enemy is merciful, not really I end up with a shotgun round from point blank range.

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