9th February 2018


“Phone rings”

“yeh?”first person

“aw, fanks for answering geezer! know what I mean?”second person

“give me thad”third person

“where you been fool?!”third person

“making us rinze out our credits leaving you massages at night”third person

“mr doors is well on the war path with you brevet”second person

“because of the bag and that?”first person

“wat bag?,because you missed a lesson you cheat”second person

“give me that”third person

“the bag weren’t the problem ,tegsy never mentioned it, you bottled it!”third person

“you coming out of alley to play computer?”third person

“i am at home, i have business that I have to run”first person

“what business?”third person

“business that minds its own”first person

“I am out”first person

“call end”




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  1. Excellent Chicane – nice work.


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