10th August 2018

Video Game’s

Imagine running across a field, then seeing your enemy, you focus your sights on him and fire. you see the rounds hit him and he falls to the ground. You win the game. Children play voilent games, they see it in movies and in video games. It is encouraged by friends, seen playing by parents, its on the social media. It is a big problem because it can change kids, change their behaviour, increase their violence and there perception of the world. It can change how people and kids alike react in situations. I will be telling you how this can affect people and children alike in a negative and postive way.

We have age rating in place to stop it, but does it work? r16 and r 18. There is a way around by the use of parents. If a kid tries hard enough he can get it by begging or crying or why not borrow it from a friend or an older brother. By giving kids this kind of violence and this shoot or be killed game’s can have huge affects on there well-being. Imagine kids seeing people being shot, getting a higher score by head shots or using a flame thrower or big knifes to the head and stomach. These games encourage violence to get through the game.

When kids play games, it feels real to them. They are a character who is involved in a killing process. The whole experience is very real to them, its meaningful and confusing to their brains, because they are forming new ideas and connections in their brain that are not good. You know the high you get from a game, completing a mission? this is the same except it comes from killing in these games but shouldn’t it come from doing something positive. when younger kids play they are still trying to work out what is real or not and what is good and bad. And playing a game which involves killing is bad, because they might think violence is okay when it is not.

Fighting in schools has evolved, from pushing and shoving and wresting to punching, kicking and kneeing. This aspect of fighting has come from movies and video games. Kids watch and play video games, they have to react fast to a situation. This is the same situation in school, needing to learn something quick. But this can be used for the wrong reasons. If a kid sees a brutal fighting seen, then is in a fight, he would use this , punching in the guts and to the head. Kicking at the head or kneeing. In video games and in movies we see people fighting for there lives doing strangling, eye gauging and scratching. This may be fine for adults who generally know better but kids or teenagers whose brains are not fully developed can have a bad affect.

Language has been also changing. From birth we learn language from our parents speaking or siblings and family. This is the same thing when we are older, we learn words from social apps, from people, games, videos and movies. But when kids learn start to speak in ways we find that are offensive or assaulting is terrible.

We have all seen the funny online videos of people losing and smashing their computers. this happens when there is a build up of anticipation, a desire to win, it can quickly turn into anger and rage. have your ever turned off your brother or sister’s console? or interrupted there game? there are two types of reactions when this happens. One when they start shouting or hitting. Another is when silence come’s in and they look at you with an look of complete rage. If you have ever had this you would know that it is scary. Is it really worth playing if when you lose, you feel rage and anger towards other people. In video games you generally handle a situation by killing the other person. This can have bad affects in real life because you are less likely to handle a situation with words and more likely to hurt or attack.

There are benefits to playing user-friendly games instead of violent games. Research has shown that when people play games, they have more of a creative and constructive view towards challenges. More studies show that if you play 30 minutes of online games it helps with people who have anxiety, depression to help them be more social. These games include Minecraft, lego batman, 

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